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My Approach

I am committed to helping you develop the skills and strategies you need to succeed academically, personally, and professionally. I offer a safe, non-judgmental space where we can work together to identify your needs, define your goals, and push you to achieve your own success. 

Simply trying harder is not the answer. Together, we will work to develop systems and structures that support you in achieving your goals. These structures will support your weaknesses, supercharge your superpowers, and change your environment. With guidance, effort, and support, these changes will make success easier to realize.


Individualized approach

In each session, I actively listen to your needs and use my experience and knowledge to hear what isn't being said. With your input, I will provide insight and affirming support as we develop goals and build coping strategies. You are unique, and I will adapt to your changing needs throughout our sessions to build the strategies and structures that will work best for you.

The power of self-knowledge

Many of my clients assume that they are broken or that they are a failure because of their struggles. Relying on my training in psychology, I will provide you evidence-based information about how your brain works differently. This self-knowledge and self-awareness is key to my approach. This will allow you to set better goals for yourself, help you identify your own needs, develop your own structures, and support your own success.

Putting myself out of work

My goal is for you to develop the strategies and supports you need to succeed independently. This takes longer for some people than others. I do not want to rely on dependence. Once you have made progress, I will encourage you to achieve the success you have been meaning to. For me, seeing a client who no longer needs my support is the biggest marker of my success as a coach. 

What my clients say

I regularly evaluate your progress, and my clients regularly evaluate my skills and support. For what my clients say about how I have helped them, see my testimonials.

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