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ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is a collaborative process which helps clients identify and address their needs and achieve personal goals. Coaching often focuses on developing practical skills to allow clients to cope better with the main struggles that come with ADHD. ADHD coaching complements other treatment options such as medication, neurofeedback, and psychological inventions.


ADHD coaching is not therapy, counselling, or medical advice. Instead, coaching provides encouragement, recommendations, strategies, feedback, and practical techniques for coping with ADHD symptoms. Coaching often help clients develop a better understanding of what ADHD is, how it impacts their life, and where their ADHD ends and their personality begins.

Coaching starts with a free in-depth consultation which allows us to get to know each other, identify goals, and set priorities. In each session, I use my experience and knowledge to provide insight and affirming support as we work on goals and build coping strategies. Relying on my training in psychology, I will provide you evidence-based information about how your brain works differently. This self-knowledge and self-awareness is key to my approach.

Although ADHD is a relatively new field, research has consistently shown that college students develop better executive functioning skills when paired with a coach. Student who had access to coaching reported better time management skills, emotional regulation, stress management, and academic performance. While most research has been looked at college students, similar results are expected for high school-aged students and older adults. 

My past clients have reported better time management skills, improved anxiety management, and improved performance at work and school. Most importantly, past clients reported having more control over their life and more control over their ADHD.

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