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Academic Strategy

Academic strategy is a supportive, practical, one-on-one process. Academic strategy helps students learn time management, notetaking, study skills, and other academic skills. The primary purpose of academic strategy is to help clients develop the structure necessary to improve academically and overcome academic challenges. 


In academic strategy, students work one-on-one with a coach who provides encouragement, recommendations, strategies, feedback, and practical techniques for improving school performance. Academic strategy is not therapy, counselling, or tutoring. While discussion of particular assignments is necessary to the process, the goal is always to focus on the larger picture: developing skills to improving across all academic studies.

Academic strategy starts with a free, in-depth consultation to allow clients to learn about the process and allows us to develop goals and priorities. Following this initial consultation, regular meetings will allow us to develop structures and supports which assist you in accomplishing your academic goals. In each session, I use my experience and knowledge to provide insight and affirming support as we work on goals and build academic skills. 

Academic strategy oftens works on skills surrounding self-knowledge and self-awareness, time management, reading comprehension, short- and long-term memory, self-advocacy skills, critical thinking, test anxiety, amongst others. Any barriers which prevent the client from achieving their academic goals are relevant to the process. 

My past clients have reported better time management skills, improved anxiety management, and better study skills. Most importantly, past clients reported better academic performance, better marks, and more consistent test performance.

For more information about academic strategy, please contact me using the information below.

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